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Unwrap the Holiday Season with Pulse: Elevate Your Marketing Game with Curated Packages

As we gear up for the CHFA Conference and Trade Show from September 21–24, 2023, we're diving headfirst into the holiday spirit. 'Tis the season to unwrap our exclusive holiday marketing tiers, curated just for you.

Deck the Halls with Pulse: We're not just attending CHFA; we're bringing the magic of the holiday season with us. 'Tis the time to transform your holiday marketing, and that's where our expertise shines.

Breathing Life into Your Brand: At Pulse, we're experts at breathing new life into your existing brand, especially during the holiday rush. Let's collaborate and make your holiday campaign shine like never before.

Discover our holiday tiers and get ready to sleigh your holiday marketing game with Pulse!

The Pulse CHFA Holiday Campaign Tiers:

Tier 3: Content Creation

  • Are you looking to enhance your social media presence this holiday season?

  • Let us capture your brand's essence with stunning photography, video content, and captivating recipes.

  • We'll shoot or produce creative assets for your team to utilize, whether it's for social media, websites, or other promotional channels.

Tier 2: Advanced Strategy

  • Want to take your holiday campaign to the next level?

  • In addition to content creation, we'll work with you to develop a comprehensive holiday marketing strategy.

  • Together, we'll craft and execute a campaign that resonates with your audience, leaving a lasting impact.

Tier 1: Robust Campaign Development

  • Looking for an all-encompassing holiday campaign?

  • Our Tier 1 package includes everything from catalog development to media buying.

  • We'll handle the entire process, ensuring your brand shines brightly during the holiday season.

À la Carte Flexibility: While our CHFA promotion focuses on these holiday-specific tiers, remember that Pulse offers all services ala carte. Whether you need assistance with branding, design, strategy, or content creation, we're your go-to partner.

Get Started with Pulse at CHFA 2023

Are you ready to elevate your brand's holiday marketing game? Connect with Pulse at the CHFA Conference and Trade Show, and take advantage of our exclusive CHFA discounts. Scan the QR code on our business card to access this special promotion page, and let's transform your holiday campaigns together.

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