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Industry: Sports and Recreation

Services: Brand Development and Positioning


Commonwealth Stadium needed an updated brand for their new community recreation centre and training facility for its primary partner, the Edmonton Elks football club. Commonwealth is Canada's largest outdoor stadium in Canada, with a capacity of over 56,000 and offers a wide range of services, programs, events and sporting events that it hosts nationally.

With the addition of a new state-of-the-art community recreation centre and training facility for the Elks, the organization needed a brand that would be welcoming and celebrate the connection to the Stadium itself. 

commonwealth outside shot.jpg
commonwealth pool.jpg

The brand draws inspiration from the facility itself and is built upon the collection of colours and circles used in the interior design. Through the use of colour and shape, we display the idea of a multicultural facility open to everyone in a C shape, mimicking the shape of the Stadium. 

We launched the new brand in print, billboard, LRT and bus benches and developed a separate campaign for the surrounding communities to encourage them to come try the new recreation centre with a free admission.

cw_bus bench 2.jpg
commonwealthstadium logo outside.jpg
CW bus bench.jpg

We placed all of these novel marketing tactics in high traffic and high visibility areas to gain as much exposure as possible for the facility without relying solely on traditional media for traction. Part of this strategy was driven by seasonal limitations – the launch of the brand and advertising campaign was in the winter. So we leveraged the LRT system heavily. Traditional media complemented and supported our overall approach.

LRT Ad.jpg
commonwealth street view.png

Commonwealth Rec Centre welcomed nearly 500,000 unique visitors in its first year - a figure that far exceeded the original target of 325,000. 

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