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Industry: Transportation and Travel - Airport

Services: Campaign Strategy and Creative Execution

Have you ever heard of drive leakage? Neither had we before learning that airports are always competing with each other to attract airline traffic. The more customers airports have, the likelier airlines will give them more direct routes to attractive destinations, like Maui or Houston. In the case of the Edmonton International Airport, there were more than 750,000 Edmontonians driving three hours south to fly out of Calgary International Airport each year. This is what drive leakage is and it was costing EIA in more ways than one.

An awareness campaign was needed to educate Edmontonians on the issue. It's a complex challenge to explain, so a guerrilla-style approach was developed to shed light on a complex subject by playfully utilizing a city rivalry that exists between Calgary and Edmonton. 


Within two months, the 1% drive leakage reduction goal was shattered. Within the first year, more than 29,000 people stopped driving to Calgary.

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