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Industry: Grocery Retail

Holiday Catalogue and Gift Guide Development


The holiday season is Sunterra's busiest time of year, and a huge opportunity to increase online and in-store sales. A small printed seasonal guide existed, but it didn't include any specific products or pricing and was a stand-alone piece.


An integrated marketing plan was developed that featured a fully revamped seasonal guide, direct mail piece, media relations and community engagement. The campaign kicked off at the start of December with a tree lighting ceremony, chestnuts roasting on an open fire and carolers to greet customers at the market. At the same time, direct mail coupons were sent to target audiences giving away over 100,000 free food gifts in Calgary and Edmonton, bringing in foot traffic. 


The seasonal guide was transformed into a full-sized catalogue of glossy pages filled with real food cooked by Sunterra's own chefs, meant to inspire and educate customers on their holiday features. The catalogue, available both in print and digital versions, also included recipes, cooking tips and education on the products. 

Media was secured by having chefs available for interviews and T.V. segments on products and topics covered in the catalogue. Media coverage was also landed to promote their community campaign, Lucky Stars, in which Sunterra donated profits from the sale of specially-made star cookies to the Inn from the Cold shelter in Calgary.

gift guides.png

Over 80,000 people read the Sunterra holiday guide.

Overall holiday sales have increased year over year.

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