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Industry: Food and Seasoning       

Services: Bilingual Packaging and Marketing Material Redesign

Tajin Original Large.png

Tajin, the renowned Mexican seasoning brand, recognized the potential of the Canadian market and sought to establish a strong foothold. However, a critical challenge emerged - the need to comply with Canada's bilingual labeling requirements, where both English and French languages are mandatory on packaging and marketing materials. To address this hurdle and ensure a successful market entry, Tajin partnered with us to help them with design and translation services for their Canadian labels and marketing materials.


Tajin aimed to effectively penetrate the Canadian market by revamping its packaging and marketing materials to include both English and French. The objectives were clear: to ensure compliance with Canadian bilingual regulations, maintain brand identity and integrity during the transition, and enhance shelf visibility and consumer appeal.

Tajin Original Large.png

Our collaboration with Tajin encompassed the strategic development and refinement of all customer touchpoints, ranging from labels and packaging to neck-ties and informative sell sheets for distributors. 

Working closely with Tajin's Canadian distributor, we played a pivotal role in introducing their exclusive Tajin tortilla chips nationally, the only Tajin-flavoured chip available in Canada. Our contribution extended beyond strategic market entry to assisting in the enhancement of their Canadian chip packaging, ensuring a compelling and distinctive debut for Tajin chips to a national audience.

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